Wi-Fi Booster - Boosting Wi-Fi Signal

Importance of Protecting Your WiFi Password

You might not think your wifi is something that could be stolen – but it can. If you have a wifi router in the home, it allows the wifi signal to go to all of the devices at once. No

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Amplifying the Range of your WiFi Network

More and more people are telecommuting to work instead of sitting in hours of traffic and wasting countless gallons of fuel. The advent of an infinite amount of devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, portable PCs and the such

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Different Types of WiFi Boosters

With the increase of wireless technology, more people are finding it more appealing to do away with cables that would otherwise tether them to one spot. More people use laptop computers, smart phones and tablets to connect to the internet

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Wifi Security 101

Wireless internet connection is already a part of the lives of many people. Business in particular operates excellently because of the use of internet connection. That is why it is important to ensure wifi security so that businesses and even

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Products That Improve WiFi Signals

In a day and age where we depend so much on wireless signals to use our smartphones, tablets or devices, nothing can be more annoying than not having a signal. Whether you want to connect to the Internet on your

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How To Setup A Wireless Repeater

A wireless repeater can be quite handy indeed. It provides one way to expand your wireless network range and boost your wireless signal seamlessly, without the need of extra wires. Personally, I hate cables and wires. So I’m all for

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